Material interaction researcher

In this position, you are responsible for testing compatibilities between print head materials and ink materials. Example tests includes: - Material soaking tests;- Parts lifetime tests;- Acceleration tests;- (electro)-chemical resistance tests;- Bonding strength tests;- And so on…Together with our analytical department, you will analyze your tests results and translate your results into actionable feedback. You are expected to operate simple analytical tools by yourself, such as light microscope, profilometer and so on.Furthermore, you’ll also contribute to the investigation of underlying mechanisms of material interactions. Based on your growing understanding, you propose new testing methods, new materials or new process to the team, test and implement it in our product. You work in a group with3 other material chemists, which is embedded in a large multidisciplinary project team (~30 FTE). For your daily work, you interact with one material chemist, one senior analytical expert, print head designers and ink chemists.
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23-04-2018 00:00