Projects Business Analyst

Job Description:  ProjectsBusiness Analysis is responsible for identifying and documenting the business needs of their clients and stakeholders, and helping to determine feasible solutions to meet business needs or resolve business problems.   This position has the following accountabilities:Precisely capture business problems, value drivers, and functional/nonfunctional requirements, including health, safety, security, usability, data, and supportability considerations.  Translate business requirements into functionality and assess the risks, feasibility, opportunities, and business impacts of various solution options.  Assess and model processes, data flows, and technology to understand the current value and issues, and identify opportunities for improvement.Create clear documentation to communicate requirements and related information; keep updated to align with the solution over the project lifecycle.Ensure traceability of requirements from business needs and requirements, through testing and scope changes, to final solution.  Interact with software suppliers, designers and developers to understand software limitations, deliver elements of system and database design, and ensure that business requirements and use cases are handled.Configure and document software and processes, using agreed standards and tools.Create acceptance criteria and validate that solutions meet business needs through defining and coordinating testing.  Seek guidance from more experienced BAs and be open to learning on-thejob. [Unique Characteristics of the Posting]The role requires knowledge of the Financial Close process, FinancialStatements, Group Consolidations and Financial Performance Reporting.The candidate has to be able to deal with senior stakeholders both in Group Reporting as in the Business / Finance operations.Getting the most out of the existing systems through involvement in the continuous improvement initiatives ensuring that all IT contributions are well integrated with the business improvement activitiesGetting more value out of data and process through the application of existing and new IT technologyPrioritisation of new IT investments within limited funding capacity Special Challenges:• Guide business stakeholders to gain acceptance / sign-off. Manage requirements to the smallest set that will provide the biggest impact in advancing business objectives and end-user buy-in.• Describe technology in terms easily understood by business customers and set realistic customer expectations for the project outcome. Adjust customer expectations in accordance with changes in scope.• Generate innovative approaches to existing problems or new opportunities.• Work closely with stakeholders to build trust and understand their goals, motivations, constraints, risks, and operating environment.
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