Procede Researcher

The JobTo develop print strategies, you work in a multidisciplinary team, together with physicists, software engineers and chemists. You predict, analyze and optimize the print quality, by building up knowledge of the specific characteristics of the inkjet printing process and its interaction with media. You are a physicist with at least a master degree, but preferrably a PhD in a relevant field. You have a good understanding of phyisical interactions on different time and length scales and a strong affinity to approach complex problems hands-on and to-the-point. Know-how of scripting in Matlab and or Python is prefferred. Helped by the other team members, you are able to define an investigation program, and carry out the printing experiments independently to ensure your designs meet the requirements.Print results are presented and discussed with the team. Most important and critical tasks Testing on both simple and advanced equipmentPropose and validate design rules for ink developmentPropose and validate design rules for ink developmentDesign and perform experimental tests for picoliter droplet behaviorCritically asses print quality artefacts via in-depth root cause analysesEvaluate prints from both simple and advanced printing equipmentDiscuss the results in an multi-disciplinary team to direct follow-up researchPrepare easy to understand summaries from big amounts of complex data
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