Cloud Senior Web Front End Developer

Your challenge Do you want to accelerate the creation of the Internet of Things and the dramatic impact it will have on the economy, science and society as a whole?  Do you believe that it’s not connected devices themselves that are game-changing, but the  services and experiences they deliver? Are you interested in digging deep into “small data” as well as “big data” to deliver  meaningful insights on consumers and medical professionals? Do you want to work in innovative projects in the domains of healthcare, lifestyle and connected products comprising mobile and web solutions? Your responsibilities You will be one of the cloud engineering experts that form a team tailored for a specific mission.  You contribute to fast realization of prototypes as well as effective product development, by  applying deep engineering knowledge of the most relevant coding platforms and standards, in combination with proven Agile collaboration methods and test-driven development. As Senior Web Front End Developer · You will actively contribute and steer all aspects of agile software development: planning, tracking, architecture, development, configuration management, testing, integration, validation, and documentation · You will be able to estimate total required team effort, are closely involved in policy preparation and the program of the group • You will lead improvement initiatives with regard to technological improvements, and perform future-oriented studies with other specialists • You are recognized by peers because of your technical competences • You will be the contact point for customers, identify leads and understand market demand and customer requirements in the longer term  
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22-10-2018 00:00