Process Engineer Dispensing

The job For print systems we are inventing and developing technologies like piezo based printhead technology.While most of the parts are produced externally, assembly and testing is done in-house.For in-house assembly we need to develop, engineer and industrialize a multitude of processes and process tooling.To strengthen the assembly team we are looking for a process engineer with a background in process engineering, mechanical engineering, micro assembly.Most important and critical tasksThe work in our team focuses on developing processes to accurate positioning parts during the assembly of our new MEMS-printheads. Before we can bond part, we need to apply glue. The glue is applied using glue dispensing processes. The amount and shape of the adhesive track needs to be well controlled. For above described aspects we are looking for a (multidisciplinary) process engineer with experience on Bachelor / Academic level in the field of process technology/micro assembly, who will be part of one of the print head development teams.The candidate needs a hand-on attitude to perform its own experiment and assist in the prototyping production phase. Furthermore for detailed technical evaluations and tests you will ask for support from other process engineers and technicians.
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24-10-2018 00:00