Senior full-stack Developer

IntroductionAUTONOMOUS VISUAL INSPECTIONS OF INDUSTRY ASSETSExternal corrosion and corrosion under insulation is a billion dollar problem in industry. They lead to safety risks, downtime and expensive maintenance. Visual inspections are done to detect integrity issues early. We create an inspection system that uses image recognition to automatically detectand report integrity issues. This position will join an existing team taking a project over from an external partner. The team are shift location to support the development.2-3 days per week: Pernis Refinery Central Office (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday)1-2 days per week: Amsterdam office (Monday-Friday)1 day per week: Flexible  We are looking for a senior developer to support the existing developed solution developed and then facilitate the migration of the solution to our new architecture and help will scaling the solution to sites worldwide.ResponsibilitiesWork closely with the customer and the Product Owner day-to-day and develop features according to their needsAvoids gold plating solutions, i.e. creating the perfect solutionKeeps the cost of change low by minimizing technical debt and participating in refactoring when necessaryWrite clean, elegant and maintainable production-level codeWrite unit tests for your own code and use test first approaches (TDD) to develop your codeParticipate in code reviewsShare software engineering related knowledge and experience with the rest of the team, e.g. best practices; this is especially important as the team has technical people whom are non-software engineers, e.g. data scientistsSelf-organize (coordinate and allocate tasks) with other members of the cross-functional team considering several constraints (priorities, technological restrictions, WIP, people’s availability, etc.) when picking tasksWork in a highly-collaborative, friendly Agile environment, participate in Ceremonies and Continuous Improvement activitiesDo pair programming from time to timeCommunicates pro-activelyShould be able to quickly learn new technologies & frameworksDevelop the front-end for the application
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26-10-2018 00:00