Technical writer - Software

Are you an expert in translating complicated technical issues into user-friendly procedures and bring a vision on how to effectively document knowledge transfers in a global context? Do you have experience in writing user documentation for various computer systems (software and hardware) combined with a strong service oriented mindset that enjoys human interaction and teamwork?Job Mission In our customer fabs, time is money, and every minute spent performing a service action is a minute that the machine isn't producing chips. Additionally, it's becoming increasingly important for procedures to be straightforward and easy to understand and implement without relying on the help of D&E experts. As a technical author in the software support team you play a crucial part in this process by a fast resolution of user feedback on procedures and by a continuous drive to improve the procedure quality prior to delivery.Job Description In product life cycle, the technical author has the following responsibilities:• Support industrial engineers in creating good procedures;• Take the lead in comment handling on procedures, solve the typographical ones and dispatch those comments that need engineering work;• Improve existing procedures  
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29-10-2018 00:00