Transformational Change Consultant

"Change Management capabilities such as business impact assessment, change action plans, event facilitation, set-up and manage change networks, stakeholder mapping and engagements, reporting, risks and mitigations. Effective in an environment with tight deadlines, drives performance through quantifying and measuring success"Experience 5-7 years Change Management Experience PURPOSE & ACCOUNTABILITIES To drive and support the business change activities required to underpin our clients IT simplification agenda. Our Client is focused on aligning and simplifying IT systems to increase customer satisfaction and business value which will drive significant and ongoing change in all parts of the business, supporting the business’ growth agenda. The role is delivery focused and will lead IT-driven business change in a programme or project environment. The primary purpose of the role is to:  Work on one change programme, with oversight or management from a Transformational Change Manager Deploy measurable change management interventions and wider transformational change initiatives Operate, with support where needed across change managementAccountabilities Work on projects to:  Execute the change management plan Build and manage change management deliverables and activities to a business-ready standard Ensure that the appropriate change management tools and methods are applied to IT projects 
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23-05-2019 00:00