Infrastructure Consultant

The Infrastructure Projects Technical Consultant (IPTC) is accountable for providing technical advice and guidance relating to the IT infrastructure solutions needed for Business-IT projects. The IPTC ensures these solutions conform with the Enterprise IT architecture, are designed for successful delivery and focuses on design and execution in addition to consulting. The IPTC helps to define the Project Charters and may be requested to manage small infrastructure projects.Accountabilities:Leading the design and planning effort on IT projects and ensuring technical and quality assurance standards on design, configuration management, monitoring and control are met.Delivering IT infrastructure consultancy according to jointly agreed business objectives and criteria on cost and timing, and meeting high quality standards of content and presentation.Maintaining a broad knowledge and integrated view of current practice and developments within own area(s) of systems expertise and related areas of networks and applications.Ensuring relevant technical strategies, policies, standards and practices are applied correctly. Managing exceptions (step outs from target technical architecture) where necessary.Co-ordinating or leading the design activity (production of high level and detailed technical designs) working effectively with Solution Architects, Suppliers, Customers and SMEs.Developing and communicating appropriate quality criteria for technical products and IT projects and ensuring the adequacy and effective use of quality control procedures.Actively participating in the IT Architecture community. Helping ensure relevant senior management is aware of technology trends and the potential for technology to assist the business in achieving its goals.
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