Voor de afdeling Bio Golden Raand is onze klant i.v.m. zwangerschapsverlof opzoek naar een ervaren Contractmanager. Let op voertaal is Engels. Zie hieronder de vacature.Contract Manager Interim PositionWhat are your tasks and responsibilities?Contract Management for the Bio Golden Raand plant in the operational phase.Align the contractual obligations internally and externally.Prepare the monthly data, settlement model and input for monthly invoice.Communicate it with internally and externally.Prepare and submit monthly steam reports.Analyze any upcoming contractual issues (e.g. risks).Analyze optimization and future options.Contract Management for the Battery asset from our client in Germany in the operational phase.Prepare the monthly report and share is with the board.Work on the open contractual topics (internally and externally).Prepare the Reactive Power settlement model and invoices.Doublecheck and approve external and internal invoices.Take over any upcoming contractual topic (internal and external).Contract Management for the Heerema in the operational phase.Follow up nomination process.Finalize the agreements.Build the settlement model for the operational phase (in operation Nov-Dec).Contract Management for other projects.WP Weert.E-boilers (new ivesments to come – now in DG2)
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20-05-2020 00:00