Product Design Engineer

We are looking for a Product Design Engineer who is passionate about shaping and designing high-tech products.The jobIn this job the candidate is going to translate Canon Production Printing’s brand equity into high quality 3D product designs in which product identity and optimal ergonomics are central. Product Design at CPP is about both designing and implementation. You work on the quality, innovativeness and vision of our brand equity. As an in-house designer you not only develop single products, but you build and nourish a portfolio of products.He or she will work in our Research & Development organization surrounded by highly skilled professionals. Together you develop our future products. You create, guard, improve and implement your design ideas into products. You want to raise the bar, and are driven to make novel, excellent and groundbreaking products. To prototype, validate and showcase designs, the candidate will engineer CAD-models in NX and make viable prototypes in sheet-metal and plastic.
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06-07-2020 00:00