Senior Software Engineer

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer who is able to work with a variety of programming languages in the context of a big project. This person is going to design and implement functionality, potentially spanning of multiple teams and work closely together with domain experts.The software itself is a (soft, real time & embedded) controller, running Windows. The Senior Software Engineer is not held back by technological organizational differences and ;directly; ;peers;across;these;boundaries. ;The development process is iterative and takes place in a complex platform organization. This organization is required to deliver functionality to different stake holders with different needs at different times.ProjectProduction Printing makes printers for professionals sucas commercial print service providers, signage ;or book printers. The project is ;about a printer controller that these customers will use to produce the best possible print results as efficiently as possible. Part of this is having an excellent color management system, i.e. the software responsible that color output is predictable and consistent. In this area standards are constantly evolving and new print technologies demand inventive solutions to make the complex subject approachable for an end-user. The Senior Software Engineer will work closely together with domain experts in color-management.The project is ;haracterized by a dynamic environment of fast-paced engine development and new requests from customers, while securing continuity for all project stake holders.Key areas of responsibilityResponsible for the technical design and implementation.Transparent communication about the short term and long term implications SW design.Participates in the direct interaction with business stake holders, although not in the lead.
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06-07-2020 00:00