SICS Platform Engineer

Together with a talented team you will work on the enhancing the software distribution and installation mechanism providing the following benefits:Higher installation robustness & predictabilityReducing the number of manual actions requiredMore customer controlEnhanced securityHigher availability through installation time reductionAs an Engineer you will be responsible for the full stack design & integration of a micro-service based application for software installation management over a network with strong focus on:System management & deploymentInstall, configure and maintain Linux operating systems for an variety of Twinscan-platformsCreation and maintenance of software for automated Twinscan and operating systems installations including server-side operations and troubleshooting tasksDTAP environment for micro-service web application development (VMWare/Hyper-V & Docker stack)Deployments in virtualized environmentAutomated buildsTest integration & automationMicro-services development (Python/Django stack)REST API/Interface design, specification, testing & integrationBackend processing (long-running cross system communication), storage/database, UI separationDiagnostics & error handling/robustness
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15-09-2020 00:00