Software Engineer

We are looking for a Software Engineer who is able to recognize and judge interests of other teams in order to create win-win situations The jobProduction Printing is busy with optimization of the development environment. Meaning that more standardization will be put in place and that it needs to be state of the art. As CPP mainly develops on the Microsoft platform, there is chosen to use Azure DevOps Server, Azure and complete Visual Studio suite.To ensure that engineers are working with the latest and state of the art tools, a team is set in place that verifies the new tools and enables what is possible for use by all engineers. One of the other tasks of the team is ensuring that the build and release pipelines of all development teams are running successfully. And help the teams in making the optimal use of the available resources. The team is based in Venlo, the Netherlands and Timisoara, Romania, this position is based in Venlo.Within the project you collaborate with colleagues from other disciplines. You review your ideas and jointly develop smart creative solutions that meet the overall project objectives. You test and review your model based design(s) by building prototypes to proof the feasibility of the routes you have identified.
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05-01-2021 00:00