Software Design Engineer

IntroductionAre you challenged by the engineering of high-tech semiconductor equipment products? And you are a Software Design Engineer with experience in C-programming, Embedded systems and VxWorks ? You’d better contact us today!Job MissionAs a Software Design Engineer you help to convert the existing PAS 5500 software to the new ARM platform. You align the redesign with the Electronic and Mechatronics developers, you help to manage the system integration and transfer the new design to CS & Manufacturing.Job DescriptionThe Software Design Engineer is responsible for the following:Specify, re-design, replace critical software components, while maintaining the existing architecture.Contribute to the master plan by making a realistic work break down.Work within a multi-disciplinary team.Optimizing quality of the software aspects of the modules.Develop and implement the software project in close cooperation with stakeholders.Perform software and integration testing on test-rigs with the new racks and PAS 5500 proto systems with the new racks.Identify and integrate the design/solution and contribute to documentation and knowledge base.Context of the positionThe Business Line Mature Products and Services (BL MPS) of our client is responsible for the sustaining of the PAS 55000 systems, which are the 200mm wafer Lithography systems in the portfolio.Part of BL MPS is the MPS D&E team. And in this D&E team we have a Software Development team. This team is responsible for the definition, realization, qualification and integration of the software and firmware to control the PAS 5500 machines.BL MPS will extend the PAS 5500 systems life-cycle to the year 2030 or beyond. For this a redesign of all of the electronic racks in the PAS 5500 system is started. For these new electronic racks the complete controlling software needs to be updated
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11-01-2021 00:00