Telecommunications Design Engineer

Keeping our business goals and user experience in the forefront, we have taken the decision to insource or directly procure a number of connectivity services. By taking greater control over key aspects of connectivity we can provide our users with better user experience, speed and agility, while maintaining operational effectiveness and efficiency. As a result, we are building a partially insourced and multi-vendor ecosystem for our connectivity products and services and will be developing new skills and capabilities.The purpose of the LAN/WLAN  Design Engineer is [either as an individually or leader of a team] to manage the end-to-end technical delivery of the telecommunications systems required.  The key accountabilities are: 1.   Development of detailed designs for portfolio solutions / services & projects.2.   Perform network and telecom design assurance on various projects.3.   Technical Authority for networking projects.4.   Assurance during transition to operate during execution phase of a project in support of target operating environment.Accountabilities:Review and approve detailed designs for network and telecom system produced by the telecoms contractor.Deliver and execute the Discipline Controls and Assurance Framework (DCAF) for Telecoms as a Technical Authority (TA) throughout the project phases with assurance of supplier plan and solution designs on robustness of solution from a design, operability and maintainability perspective.Specify the communication network required for transfer of process data to the office network and public domain taking into consideration alternatives like satellite communication, fibre optic, local communication network systems or dedicated radio communication system.Deliver and execute the project control documentation for networking and field telecoms with assurance of the supplier plan and solution designs from an operability, affordability and maintainability perspective.Review and approve detailed designs for network projects.Document the architecture via network and communication systems drawings.Integrate engineering standards and practices into the design and contribute to the development and/or revision of standards and practices.Specify Acceptance Test and Acceptance Criteria to ensure supplier deliverables are in line with business requirements.Engage with operate teams to ensure handover ownership is defined at early phase of projects and ensure designs are supportable by the operate team.
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