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IntroductionContribute to the creation of complex linear actuators in our clients dynamic, high-tech development and production environment. Motion is a production location in Oirschot, outside the Veldhoven campus (18 km). The Motion department within the Twin Scan Factory is responsible for the production of all critical linear actuators for all platforms. Because we are located outside the main campus in Oirschot, we are a small self-sufficient factory (105 FTE) within the company. This allows us to organize and collaborate efficiently within our location. Job MissionThe production of Motion will be redesigned in 2021 to increase capacity within the current location. A program has been defined for this. The challenge in the redesign lies in the combination of the following factors: Renovation, continuation of current production process, redesign of production process, integration of new production step, preparation for future generation of products. Job DescriptionIntegral program manager The program consists of four sub-projects, each with its own project manager (layout / factory equipment, laser welding, factory equipment specifically for heavy actuators, renovation). These project leaders come from Motion (Veldhoven). Each project is divided into an orientation & concept phase and an engineering & implementation phase. To unburden Motion, an integral and independent program manager is appointed who integrally manages the aforementioned subprojects with its own project leaders, monitors the interfaces and also supervises the internal change process. In addition, the integral program manager monitors the project leaders / engineers appointed from subcontractors and the integral program manager maintains contact with stakeholders from the organization in Veldhoven. The program manager reports to the general manager of Motion. * Situation (after) COVID-19: Majority of the time in the beginning will be working from home as our work is not business critical. As soon as we start going back to the office that can become a possibility from time to time.* minimum 32 hours, preferably 40 hours
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