Sr. Java developer. Failure mode knowledge Base (FMKB)

IntroductionAre you a successful Full Stack Developer who masters the latest emerging technologies, processes and architectures? Do you have the thirst to truly understand Analytics-driven businesses and user needs, and are able to translate them into software solutions that make business impact?Are you the one who wants to help us propel fast. Assist us do this in our Lithography industry where we made our mark with our machines - and next up - our Industry 4.0 Analytics tooling!Job MissionSpearhead software development projects in our Applications business line within the client, to interact with customers and create applications in a diverse range of processes – across the entire Wafer Fab environment. These Analytics applications will strike a positive impact at the core of our customers’ business. To achieve this you will keep pace with, and implement, the very latest developments and innovations in software. And more than just exceptional technical talent, you will employ excellent communications skills that enables you to not only investigate customer requirements to the n-th degree but also to explain and convince non-software people about the nature and opportunities of complex applications.Our Industry 4.0 applications push the boundaries in chip manufacturing, for this we are damn proud at the client. The data going around increases tremendously and it is up to you to design and implement robust solutions to manage them keenly. You will be a dynamic investigator, and a visionary recognized solutions provider. Fulfilling a challenging position compelling you to develop and practice an exciting variety of abilities and skills.Job DescriptionAs a full stack designer you will specify application software designs, keeping testability, extendibility and maintainability in mind. With key challenge to map this knowledge and experience to the benefit of our Analytics software products. In particular, you will:Write performant, functional, robust, and well tested code Translate business requirements into product specifications and hence into design strategies and patterns;Own and maintain software design specifications, with focus on continuous improvement derived from lessons learned and customer feedback (Issues, 8Ds);Follow emerging developments and trends in relevant technical areas, and apply new technologies, standards and methodologies that will have a positive impact on our company's bottom-line Establish close collaborations with marketing, management, and development teams. Balance the interests of the customer, the organization and the people, in creating an extensible architecture, while fulfilling immediate user needs and business goals, paves the way for future developments.Identify and mitigate risks with your peers during the development of new products;Also, contribute to the maturation of existing designs, lead initiatives aiming at improving code quality, implementing coding standards and ensuring test coverage.At the client we believe in professional growth, as to further develop an extremely valuable hard-and soft-skills in the job. We have our own learnings (portal) for attaining Lithography Domain expertise as well as soft-skill development (team effectiveness, cohesion, influencing etc.). Notably we value you as well in communities outside of the client. By being recognized in the outside (possibly academic) world through publications and/or keynotes you’ll share and learn the best novelties to employ in your results.
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11-02-2021 00:00