Experimental physicist fluid interaction

Experimental physicist fluid interactionThis position focusses on the further development of UV inkjet technology for producing high quality Graphic Art prints. With UV inkjet technology, ink that has been jetted onto a print medium is cured to form a robust polymerized layer by using illumination with UV light; UV light induces so called photo-initiation which leads to a polymerization reaction.Canon Production Printing has developed a unique variant on UV technology, called UV gel technology. With UV gel technology the ink has an unique composition, and also the curing function is quite different from that used with conventional UV technology. Canon Production Printing has introduced two successful products based on this technology (Colorado 1640 1650).For future products we are continuously investing in the development of new futures that increase the application width of our products. This requires the right balance between experimental work and fundamental knowledge generation.
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06-07-2021 00:00