Software Engineer

Work on problems of diverse scope and ensure task schedules and quality requirements are met.Must be able to keep abreast of rapid changes in a vast array of technologies including but not limited to Visual Studio, .NET Framework, C#, VB.NET, C++, SQL, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS3, HTML5, ESRI libraries, thread-safe programming, and testing methodologies.Understand the finer points of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – know which tools to use when and why.Knowledge of how web servers operate on a low-level.Know how to scale web sites to increase performance and diagnose problems.Possess accurate estimating skills to be able to make and keep promisesKnow how to design and structure a multi-channel web application built with client-side JavaScript, a RESTful service API, ORM, and underlying data stores (database and file store).Know how to write properly scoped unit tests and use mocksBe able to debug, troubleshoot, and test code to pinpoint problems, resolve them, and prevent a recurrence.Perform technical design reviews for other developers and especially for reusable software components / APIs.Create easy to consume cookbook documentation on complex or abstract components.Work closely with the Product Team to integrate product enhancements and deliver vertical slices of functionality that meet acceptance criteria.Wide exposure to a variety of technical environments including but not limited to Petroleum Geosciences, Numerical Modeling and IT.
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22-07-2022 00:00