Solution Architect Networking

Job Description:`Shell is looking for a Solution Architect that has both a deep understanding in networking but also has a good tooling background where integration with ServiceNow and architecting these tools into the connectivity ground to automate where possible.This means that the architect apart from a firm understanding and experience into the individual portfolios like lan/wlan/edge/wan etc.. there is solutioning work needed to see how these portfolios can be integrated and automated with all the different tools we have, find new tools, create new integrations between those tools and write solution HLD’s for them. Need someone with both networking design/architecture skills as with tooling/programming/integration skills so we can start the automation use-cases for our network.Responsibilities include:Provide solution architecture development, consultancy and assurance to projects, making sure applications are well designed and conform to Shell standards and reference/segment architectures. The Solution Architect is accountable to the Project Manager for the architecture of a solution being developed and implemented until the successful deployment of the solution. This includes:Being the point of call for all architecture aspects of an IT Project.Being able to address and integrate the: Business Process, Data, Application, Technical and Information Security aspects of an IT Solution.Ensure projects solution architecture is documented using the relevant templates, tooling and conforms to standards.Coach detailed designers and business analysts in projects during their design work.Reviewing and accepting the detailed design of an IT solution.Support Segment Architects and reviews through the Architecture Review Board as required.Take an active role in documenting, improving & maintaining the Reference Models in Bizzdesign. Lifting project deliverables to the Conceptual and Logical levels.Follow IT Technology developments in the market and leverage this knowledge in architecting solutions in Shell. Ensure solutions are ‘future-proof’Stay in touch with development of standards and standard services in IT at Shell. To ensure the latest service developments are taken into account.Pro-actively contribute to the development of the Architecture community and be an ambassador for Architecture. Interact with stakeholders on architecture issues and strategic improvements where such expertise is required.Maintain knowledge of compliance and regulatory requirements, including data privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR), and ensure that those are included in architecture design decisions.Responsible for championing and embedding Security by Design and Privacy by Design in projects, and to ensure that the appropriate design decisions are made, documented and implemented. Work with Information Risk Management and Data Protection Officer/Security & Compliance in case of unclarity around Legal & Regulatory requirementsThe solution architect will work on solution development for the connectivity LAN portfolio. The scope of the solutions is:Development of an Enterprise nextGen datacenter solutions based on MP-BGP EVPN VXLAN.Development of nextGen LAN and WLAN estate either based on Aruba or Cisco, including Aruba Central and/or Cisco’s SDA.Development of Enterprise solution for connectivity tooling, including creation of a Single Source of Truth, testing out and integrating the right tools and a positioning of the data structure around the integration of the solution.Solutions include the technical architecture & design as well as the service operations solution.
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22-08-2022 00:00