Frontend Engineer

Shell IT Engineering is taking a unique approach of balancing human-centred and digital design with a technology capability to tackle complex problems in original ways. A software engineer at Shell enjoys a high level of responsibilities and potential for immediate impact at the scale of the third-largest company in the world. You contribute to the success of your product team by enabling innovative solutions and solving concrete business challenges. You work in a cross-functional product team together with data and backend engineers, UX and UI designers, business analystand product owner. You evolve and grow in an agile organization where your initiatives make the difference.You are a software engineer with at least three years of experience and a passion for digital innovation.You can build web user interfaces from scratch, collecting functional and non-functional requirements, taking into account technical environments, business constraints and enterprise organizations.You like working with designers, product owners and business analysts.You are a team player and a self-driven professional.You keep learning new technologies, architecture patterns and programming languages.You are enthusiastic about innovation in software engineering and not afraid to contribute to open-source projects.You like attending, and even better presenting, at technical meetups from time to time.You are curious about the big picture and passionate about digital product development. 
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13-09-2022 00:00